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Warszawa JUG
The Warszawa Java User Group (Warszawa JUG) is a group of enthusiastic and extremely active Java developers, architects and Java affiliates from Warszawa (the capital of Poland) and nearby. It has been more then 4 years since they have been meeting regularly, every 2 weeks with around 50-70 attendees. After having organized a couple of conferences, some with international speakers - Javarsovia 2007, 2008 and 2009 , Warsjava 2007 and Warsjava Eclipse DemoCamp 2008 Warszawa JUG found its place in Polish Java and open source community. We have got now more then 400 members and counting. Our meetings are code-oriented with short presentations and longer live development followed by a longish yet comprehensible discussion. All events organized by the Warszawa JUG are open and free of charge for everyone.

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