Please check information about the city, how to get to Poznan and to the conference.

If you are looking for accommodation in Poznan, please take a closer look at our list of hotels and hostels.

Cheap hostels/hotels:
TPD Youth Hostel from 27 PLN
BY THE WAY Hostel * from 45 PLN
Melange Hostel * from 50 PLN
Very Berry Hostel * from 55 PLN
Fusion Hostel * from 55 PLN
Melody Hostel * from 60 PLN
Slowackiego Hostel from 65 PLN

Average prices:
Cameleon Hostel from 100 PLN
Delicja Hotel from 120 PLN
Ossowski Hotel from 120 PLN
Hotel Lech * from 142 PLN
Gold Hotel from 150 PLN

More expensive:
Hotel Rzymski from 200 PLN
Hotel IOR from 215 PLN
Mat's Hotel from 215 PLN
Mercure from 230 PLN
Twardowski Hotel from 280 PLN
Hotel Wloski from 280 PLN
Novotel Poznan Centrum * from 303 PLN
Andersia Hotel from 500 PLN

* - hotels offers a discount for conference participants, just mention: " GeeCON Conference".
Prices are listed without discount.

Also see here to find more places.

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