GeeCON faq
  1. How can I check that you received my payment?
    Please visit this page to check your payment using your registration number.

  2. What is University Day and how much does it cost?
    University Day is a day of trainings and workshops, that takes place a day before the conference (12th May). Prices for each training will be 195PLN (50€). Training grup size is 20 people.

  3. Why do I a "Not paid" note, even though I paid?
    There is a delay between the moment payment is received and we get a notification from our accountant - it might take a few days. Should we not get your payment in 2 weeks after registration, we will send a reminder.

  4. How to make a payment without an invoice?
    Either according to the instructionss visible after the registration or request a pro-forma invoice or card payment instructions

  5. Should I send a payment confirmation?
    No, there is no need.

  6. When will I get my ticket?
    There are no tickets in a physical form :) Just show up with an ID at the conference and we will hand you all the confrence materials.

  7. Can I pay with a credit card?
    At the moment bank transfer is the only option.

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