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Chris Aniszczyk
Chris Aniszczyk is the co-lead of the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) project and a Senior Software Engineer at EclipseSource. He is the co-author of The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Addison-Wesley) book. Chris tends to be all over the place inside the Eclipse community by committing on various Eclipse projects. He sits on the Eclipse Architecture Council, Eclipse Planning Council and has the honor to represent the committers on the Eclipse Foundation's Board of Directors. Chris’s passions are modularity, blogging, tooling and anything Eclipse. He’s always available to discuss opensource or Eclipse over a frosty beverage.


An Introduction to EclipseRT, Equinox and OSGi

This talk will introduce people to OSGi and Equinox using the Toast example from EclipseRT. EclipseRT is the collection of OSGi-based runtimes and frameworks built by the Eclipse open source projects. It enables the implementation of component oriented development architectures. Toast is an example application meant to demonstrate a wide range of EclipseRT and OSGi technologies. It operates in the telematics and fleet management domain. A typical telematics system interfaces to the devices in the vehicle and provides a user interface for interacting with or managing the devices. Toast is an example of using Equinox and OSGi Services, Declarative Services, extension points, applications, HTTP service and so on. Attendees will learn about how to work with and potentially extend Toast to learn more about EclipseRT technologies.


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