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Andy Bosch
Andy Bosch is an independent consultant and JSF and Portlet technologies trainer. He wrote the first German book on JavaServer Faces and recently published "Portlets and JSF". Andy is an expert group member of JSR-301 and JSR-329. He is also responsible for the website, a German portal for JSF related topics. He regularly publishes articles in Java magazines and teaches web programming at various conferences.


Powerful Portals with JavaServer Faces

To be able to develop modern, challenging, and efficient web applications, portal solutions are increasingly applied. Portals offer a great base for the creation of web platforms with personalization features, single sign on and aggregation of content and services. Using the portlet technology, it is also possible to develop standard-based portal modules. In combination with the UI standard JavaServer Faces, you are able to develop powerful user interfaces. JSF offers many features like page navigation, conversation and validation, eventing and cool ui components. In order to combine Portlets and JavaServer Faces, there is a new standard: JSR-301 (Portlet Bridge Specification for JavaServer Faces).

This session will give an overview of how to create portlets in combination with JavaServer Faces. It will be demonstrated, how you can map portlet features to the world of JSF. It will also be shown, how you can add Ajax into your portlet application.


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