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Dalibor Topic

Dalibor Topic works as a Java F/OSS Ambassador for Sun Microsystems in Hamburg, Germany. His open source and free software credentials go back to co-maintaining the Kaffe VM, and hacking on GNU Classpath to provide a fully open source runtime for applications written in the Java programming language.

With the advent of OpenJDK, his focus shifted to growing the OpenJDK Community, getting open source Java into the core of GNU/Linux distributions, bringing new ports into the OpenJDK Project, and core Java modularity.


JDK 7 Update

What's the status of JDK 7 development? Which features made it in? What's up with closures? How far along is the JDK modularization effort? What are the benefits of invokedynamic in practice? How quickly is the OpenJDK community growing? An update from the JDK 7 engine room and the OpenJDK community.


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