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Felix Leipold
Felix Leipold is currently working as a Senior consultant for ThoughtWorks in London. He coaches developers and delivers software on the java and more recently also the .net platform. He is a regular presenter at ThoughtWorks events in London. He has implemented a number of rich user interface applications in both Swing and SWT. He is passionate about getting the rich client back into the mainstream by introducing solid agile practices like test driven development to the world of complex user interfaces. Prior to joining ThoughtWorks he worked for SAP, building eclipse-based development tools and applications in the field of material management. He had a very happy childhood playing around with MS-Basic, progressing to Turbo Pascal and installing his first slackware linux from floppy disks.


Patterns for Testable Rich User Interfaces

The code in rich user interfaces has a tendency towards messiness. There is a lot of event handling, setting fields depending on changes in other fields. More often than not,this code, is intimately coupled with the UI library being used. This is unfortunate because it tends to contain a lot of business rules, that deserve testing in isolation and should also not be mixed with UI implementation details. The presentation model pattern aims at providing an explicit place for these behaviours. This talk is going to explain the ideas behind the presentation model pattern and also shows how to leverage the value model pattern as an implementation strategy. Using two relatively simple examples, we are going to see the benefits in terms of testability as well as readability of the code. The talk is based on the JGoodies binding framework and Swing. There is a brief excursion to JFace/ SWT to illustrate the benefits of decoupling.


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