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Christian Tzolov
Christian Tzolov is a Software Engineer in the Service & Delivery department, based at TomTom Lab in Amsterdam, NL. He is a Technical Lead for service-oriented projects like MapShare® and his current focus is on how technologies like Spring Roo can improve the productivity in enterprise environments. Christian has 15 years experience working in enterprise middleware and software standards. His work is focused on the integration and interoperability of different information technologies and his expertise spreads across enterprise Java, Web technologies, distributed systems and microkernel platforms.


Rapid Server Side Java Development Using Spring Roo

This presentation is about rapid development of a Java web application that aggregates and manages web services. For this we use the Spring Roo framework in order to gain productivity while still using the well known Java APIs and technologies. Productivity in building prototypes in the early stage is crucial for the success of the agile development process used in TomTom. Our practical experience in applying Spring Roo in various TomTom projects will be shared while walking you through the implementation of a simple Traffic Jam Information Service.


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