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Miroslaw Dabrowski
Miroslaw Dabrowski is Sun Microsystems Instructor. Currently working as an idependent instructor he is leading Sun's JEE authorized curses in Poland/Europe. He is also preparing students for Sun's Java certification exams.


Introduction to GlassFish Application Server v2

1. Introduction to the GlassFish Enterprise application server
- History, distribution, current status of the project

2. Server Installation
- Preliminary requirements
- Application server installation modes
- Install and start the server
- Providing Admin Console

3. Architecture and configuration of application server
- The presentation of the GlassFish server architecture
- Management of domains, agents, departments, and clusters

4. Application deployment
- Presenting the possibility of implementing the GlassFish application server
- Application lifecycle management

5. Logging and application server monitoring
- Configure logging and log level
- Syslog
- Call Flow Monitoring
- Runtime monitoring
- Monitoring of applications
- Resources monitoring
- Transactions monitoring
- Presentation tool Enterprise Manager - Performance Monitor

6. Load Balancing
- Load balancing architecture
- Install web server
- The installation of Load Balancer Plugin
- Configure load balancing
- GMS service

7. Session Replication
- Session replication mechanisms in the GlassFish application server Enterprise
- Architecture of the memory session replication
- Comparison of in-memory replication of the HADB
- Implementation of the application using the session replication mechanism


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