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Thorbiörn Fritzon
Thorbiƶrn Fritzon started programming Java back in 1995 and hasn't stopped yet. He's worked for Sun Microsystems in Sweden since 1999 as a Java Architect and Lead Technologist, as well as been the official spokesperson on Java. Thorbiƶrn writes books and is a frequent speaker at conferences and other events. His hobby is programming languages of which he has a huge collection he claims that programming in multiple languages is the highest form of expression available to man.


The Future of Java

Oracle have acquired Sun and with that the crown jewel Java. What's the future of Java with Oracle behind the steering wheel? Does Java have a future or will it be replaced by one of the contenders constantly challenging it? It's no exaggeration to say that Java stands on the threshold of it's most important turning point ever. In this keynote I will outline Oracle's plans for Java as well as some of the many activities that's going on around the Java landscape.


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