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Andrea Provaglio

Andrea Provaglio is an independent professional with almost twenty years of experience in the field of Information Technology. He assist clients from many different domains, which can range from large organizations such as the European Commission in Brussels, or large multinational banks, to small and dynamic IT companies.

His mission is to help his clients to develop better software and to create better development teams; and to help the individuals to improve technically and relationally.

Andrea’s contribution to his clients is primarily in the areas of: Adoption of Agile methodologies, such as Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum; Development of soft skills for teams and organizations; Coaching and training on software development for the Java/J2EE platform; Design Patterns (Integration and Distributed Applications); Design and development of Web/Enterprise applications Architectural assessments; Skill assessments; Team building.

Andrea is frequently a speaker at international IT conferences and contributed to a few books and publications. He currently works in Europe; he also worked for four years in the U.S. on a O-1 visa for "extraordinary abilities in Sciences".

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Beyond Agile

Agile methods are people-oriented but, in the speaker’s opinion, they just touch the surface of people dynamics. They do provide a framework in which constructive interactions among all team members and stakeholders may happen, but no Agile method cannot per se guarantee those behaviors, because the successful adoption of an Agile method is also determined by deep people dynamics.

In this talk we’ll look at some of those dynamics as defined by Organizational Systemic, a fairly new humanistic approach not to be confused with the theory of complex systems.

We’ll see how a better understanding of the team’s deep dynamics may be practically applied to improve the effectives of your Agile process and the efficiency of your team, and may also be one more criteria to choose the Agile method that better fits your organization.

This is an advanced talk which is all about people rather than technology. It’s aimed primarily at team leaders and managers. Its goal is to present some advanced concepts about deep relational dynamics that influence the success of a project.

Who’s already involved in an Agile/Lean projects will get new insights and practical advice on how to make people work better together; who’s evaluating the transition to such methods will better understand the implications of this change.

The major topics we’ll cover are:

  • Principles of Organizational Systemic
  • Leadership levels
  • Relational nature of the most common Agile methods

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