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Dawid Weiss

Dawid Weiss holds a PhD in information retrieval and is an associate professor at Poznan University of Technology's Institute of Computing Science. His research interests are in the fields of information retrieval, text mining and computational linguistics, but he is also a passionate programmer, especially fond of low-level aspects of programming languages. The text mining framework he designed and implemented - - is a widely recognized open source project and has been integrated with many other open source and commercial products. Dawid Weiss co-owns Carrot Search s.c., a company that provides commercial search results clustering and text mining solutions.


Java in high-performance computing

The debate of what is faster - Java-or-C has been with us for a long time (to the point of getting fed up with it). The reality is that Java is used for high-performance computing just as any other language (think of those Perl lovers...). The question is what we can do to make it run as fast as possible, especially taking into account the specifics of the virtual machine. I will present and discuss our experience with implementing high-performance algorithms in Java. The talk will be accompanied by a presentation of an interesting library for handling common programming data structures.


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